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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 9, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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next on fox 45 early editi edition. i'm sick of it and i'm sure many other people feel the same way. maryland is about to get hit by a 1 1, 2 punch. if you parked on a two lane. the struggle to make room for plows. ananticipating round two, te latest list of school closings and h delays. good morning. you are taking a live look at the towson area, mounds of he snow and the problem is, there's
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a lot more that is about to be added to that, unfortunately, another storm on the way. the same is the case in north baltimore, snow everywhere that you look. the roads are passable, but who knows what will happen after mother nature hits again. good morning, it's tuesday, february 9th, i'm patrice harris. we do have school closings to bring to you. allegheny county, anne arundel county, baltimore city, baltimore county, caroline, charles, cecil, harford, frederick, howard, kent, montgomery, prince george's, queen awn's, st. mary's, talbot county schools, washington county, wha wacomico county and
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worcester county stl schools arl closed. the ticker updates automatically and it even runs during summer chalz. commercials. and fox 45 will be with you through the storm for extended coverage. stay with us from 4:00 a.m. through noon with all of the information you will need to brave round 2. and meteorologist steve fertig is here talking about round 2. i thought groundhog day was last week. why are we repeating this over and over. people want to look toward spring but they can't. a winter storm warning in fact, behind the entire state, the west side of the chess take bay untichesapeake bay,through earl. this is going to take sometime to get through again. we are going to have a big set up as we had last weekend.
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there's snow to the west in west virginia, but not that far off west. it will be making its way in here this afternoon and through tonight as the intensity picks up. the coastal low will be similar to what we had this past weekend. then we will be talking about the intensifying and the heavy snow fall coming through tonight, through tomorrow and through the day on wednesday. how much snow will we see? guys, if things pan out the way they could, the potential is there for 14 to 20 inches for the north central part of the state, the highest amounts still where i thought it would be, but we upped the totals, 15 to 22 inches up toward cecil county. the further you get to the north and east the highest the amounts will be. you can see how expanse the system is and this will carry into new york and philadelphia. our concern is the extra snow
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we're going to have on top of the 30 inches or more in many locations. we will talk more about as far as when you can expect it to move into your area, in a little bit. right now here is candace dold with the traffic edge. >> reporter: you can't catch a break. once you move into the roadways, we want to talk about the secondaries. you know the deal, they are packed with snow, and the travel lanes are shrinking. be aware of that as you hit the roads. as far as the main lines, we already have an accident on the beltway, it's on the outer loop lanes at wilkins avenue, the problem is it does take out two lanes there, so that's obviously going to be causing a little bit of trouble. now as far as the entire stretch from 795 down toward 95, that volume is already increasing there at a 12 minute clip at 50 miles per hour. pretty much the same deal on the southbound 95 this morning from the fort mchenry tunnel, 8 minutes at 51 miles per hour. 54 miles per hour with a 9-minute ride on southbound 895
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traveling from the harbor tunnel all the way to 895. that's a look at morning travels, patrice, back over to you. more and more roads are being cleared, but getting around today will still be tough. the good news, though, mta is running on a limited basis, angela foster white with mta joins us on the phone this morning. good morning, angela. >> good morning to you, patrice. >> we appreciate you talking with us all these days and we may have to do this tomorrow and the next day because we can't get a prea a break from mother e this year. >> no, we certainly cannot and that means we are all out working round the clock. mta is offering limited transit service today. we're nearly 40% of local bus service restored with light rail, metro and marx operating on modified schedules. i guess the main thing is to get out earlier is the commuter services, people heading out on marx train and the commuter bus.
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marx is running on an s schedule for the brunswick line. for people who normally take the commuter bus, they will go to the website. that will give you the specifics of the commuter bus routes that are operating and not to mention our local bus services up to 40% now. we're running about 17 lines on limited service. angela we appreciate that update, we will be talking with you later this morning. >> thank you, patrice. you can get the latest on mta service by logging on tour website at links. well, many neighbors are finally seeing pavement on their streets for the very first time this morning. plow trucks are finally making their way on to side streets across the region, unfortunately, though, we're about to get again. megan gilliland is live in baltimore county where residents are bracing for more snow. where is it going to go on top of that, i just don't know.
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>> reporter: exactly, patrice. i don't know where it's going to go. this is huge amounts of snow that we're seeing at the towson neighborhood area. i tell you what, a lot of it has iced over. that is really what we have seen over the last couple of days as the storm has progressed with the aftermath i guess, i should say. a lot of this you can hear the crunch underneath our feet. this is a side street that has been plowed. this is a good sign from what we have seen before. this looks as though some cars will get through, four-wheel drive probably still needed here. we are dealing with icy conditions here. if you notice how narrow these roads are. that's what a lot of people are saying about in their neighborhoods. they're getting by but we're dealing with narrow conditions. a lot of people have plowed their parking spots, but with if we have more know all of this hard work. i can feel how icy this was as
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we are skating out here. another major concern that residents have been talking about is their roads. you can look up here and see how much snow has accumulated on top of that. i don't know if you can see because it's still the early morning hours and dark out here, but there's a will the of icicle hanging off of these roofs a lot of weight on there. with more snow coming, how much can these houses hold? i hopefully a little bit more as it's predicted throughout the day. we will talk with the residents what they will do to brace for another storm to come, patrice, back to you. megan emotionally it's difficult, because people were beginning to breathe a sigh of relief. and yeah, i can finally the plows are here and yeah, i can finally see pavement. >> reporter: finally our muscles were starting to regain their not soreness, being sore anymore, and it looks like we have digging ahead of us again. >> hopefully after this week spring will be on the way.
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>> reporter: hopefully. >> all right, megan, thank you. maryland army national guards have been pitching in to help police and those in need. fox 45 cameras caught those in action at howard county, that is where an 18-wheeler ran off the road. the national guardsmen helped divert motorists and aside accidents. >> i don't know how, how dangerous it is. we have in a humvee and we are having trouble getting through. if you don't have to drive, don't drive. they also respond to 911 calls getting through difficult ter rains. a woman is dead after a fire at a wood lawn home. it broke out at the 2000 block of royal court. deep snow added to the difficult task of fighting the fire, but crews say it did not affect their response time. the woman's body was found inside. >> we were inside within a
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minute, and like i said, they found her pretty quickly and brought her outside, but at that time she was already beyond where she could be revived. >> there's no word at this time on the name of the victim or the cause of the fire. in some non-snow related news. baltimore city has a new city council president. councilmember jack young was unanimously elected last night and sworn in. he is yosucceeds stephanie rawlings-blake who became mayor after sheila dixon resigned. trash littering. how it can get you into trouble. and a similar set up to
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by the time you wake-up tomorrow, the streets could be covered with several inches of snow. 12-20 inches of snow is predicted for the region and it's all supposed start falling
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tonight. it's almost unbelievable to say it, but it's true; jess. >> reporter: it's almost historic that we're going to get snow showers later today. another big system is going to be pressing in here. just to give you a little bit of an idea, you can see that i'm about 5-10.5, this snow has been plowed but it's still over my knee. and it's still crusty, because we have the temperatures that have dropped into the teens in the last two nights and it's allowed for the snow for it to ice up and crisp up. even when you see the pavement when you're out and about early this morning before the second round of snow comes in today, you definitely need to take it easy because there's black ice on the roads on the areas that are paved. let's get to the watches and warnings for you. this is another large system. look at all of these watches and warnings. they are stemming all the way from illinois, wisconsin, through michigan, ohio, indiana
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and even through pennsylvania, new york and closer toward our region. we have the winter storm warning in effect. it goes in effect today at noon and goes through 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. this system there's two low pressure systems that is going to take their time to get out of our region. another low pressure system is headed in our direction, and with how much snow we're going to get on top of what we already got, we are headed to the weather center. right now we check our sky watch hd radar and not seeing a whole lot happening right now. that is going to change as we go through the day. take a look as you go further points west, you can see snow moving through west virginia right now. that is why jessica was telling us about the watches throughout the morning. you see rain down through the tennessee valley and further points south. some of that may wraparound the low pressure center that may bring a mix for the south part of the eastern shore, but the rest of us are going to get a
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lot of snow out of this. to expand things, here is what we are going to see. a couple of inches this time around, not a much moisture as it was last time, that's why the totals won't be up in the 30-inch category, but they will be plentiful because we have cold air from the north. that is what is going to help to produce the snow. you will see as the snow moves through as far as the timeframe from this moving into the western part of the maryland ofy tonight, the whole state covered with snow. and the eastern shore with a little bit of mix in with plain rain. and turning into snow tonight. it moves off of the eastern shore until wednesday night late, and then it moves out of here beyond that. we are looking at the last storm, of course, the low pressure center off to the west and another low pressure center off to the east and shore. this was feeding the coastal low, overnight and that is what strengthened and brought us a
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lot of snow around it. this time around, one of the things i was thinking yesterday is that low, and bring us lesser amounts. since the last computer models have been coming out during the overnight period, and even earlier, it shows the coastal low catching up to the south. if the coastal he lo low moves r up before it intensifies then we get lesser amounts. it looks like with the computer models we are going to get the moisture wrapping around in time to get the snow that will be significant. except this time it will be more up here through new york, through philadelphia and the northeast part of our state into the central counties as well. we are going to get a lot of snow out of this as it appears. 18-20 inches is the possibility depending on whether or not the low is going to catch up. that would be the best potential for highest snow fall totals.
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26 degrees right now in baltimore. we have temperatures in the teens to low 20s, that means we do have a concern for black ice again this morning before the snow arrives. 34 for the eastern shore today. of course, the snow is going to be throughout the entire area. we could throw up 32 degrees and cooler, about 27 degrees for the western part of the state. now tonight that, is when the snow, the snow gets heaviest, a little bit of a mix for the eastern shore but turning over to snow throughout the night as well. 31 degrees for tomorrow, we do get the snow heaviest tomorrow notice into tomorrow morning and tapering off not until late tomorrow. 36 degrees for tuesday's high temperatures, and we dry out some. temperatures staying in the mid to upper 30s the rest of the way. that's a little bit of snow it looks like for early monday before we dry out in the afternoon. that's a complete look at your weather. let's see what is happening on the roadways with candace dold. she has the traffic edge, candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we are of course, talking about the secondary roadways again.
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we do want to show you exactly what it looks like out there moving through the towson ren rn on willow oak, we have seen icy patches and here it is the snow mounting up posing a threat to getting out of the parking spaces. and then the crunchy icy patches out there, so use extra caution as hit the roadways. we have snow removal, we had this last night causing headaches on the main lines and that's the case this morning. it does completely shutdown northbound 895, that is right at 95. now the crews are also working right now on 295, and in fact, we can show you what that scene looks like moving right at the beltway and take a look at all of the flashing lights on the side. the snow removal does take out that right lane there, so again, just use caution, because these are kind of awn announced annou- unannounced throughout the morning and even in the afternoon as well. on the beltway there's trouble,
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a crash on the outer loop lanes at camp meade road, the problem is it's blocking two right lanes. we will start to see things back up as far as the accident scene, so far no major troubles there heading up to liberty road. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back over to you. ♪ ♪ you've voted for the winning couple, now it's up to you to decide the details of their wedding. it's our wedding in a week contest brought to you by fox 45, wedding and the baltimore bridal show, a crazy couple they are, a lot of fun, arthur and teaira are the bride and groom. this morning, starting at 5:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m., you choose what they eat at their reception. there's three different menu options and we will show you them live in studio coming up later in the broadcast. just go to and click on contest to vote.
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get ideas for your special day at the baltimore bridal show. it was supposed to be last weekend, but it has been postponed because of the snow until this weekend, february 13th and 14th at the baltimore convention center.
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hundreds of millions have joined the social media
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revolution in a tweet you can say whatever you want, or can you? crime and justice reporter joy lapollapoll a investigates trash twittering. instant massaging a fundamental difference on how we communicate. think about it in one year mace fobbinfacebook adds more than 200 million users. >> if it's just tweet, what is the big deal. it's a very big deal because people can have their reputations destroyed. >> a social media revolution. >> this is a real problem that we're facing today. >> from a legal standpoint, attorneys have their hands full. >> it's a very complicated issue that we're still grapling it. >> fans of twitter love the fact that they can he loa up load thr
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thoughts when they think of them. what happens when those thoughts turn into a vicious attack. >> it has been horrible. >> a single it has been the basis of a lawsuit. >> any person who makes a defamatory comment about another individual is liable. >> in indiana a woman who complained about a moldy apartment was slapped with a liable suit. >> courtney love is in trouble, suit for twitter defamation. and it's created a real crisis. >> this is like x rated pornographic language. >> for this mother it wasn't until after two of her daughters opened m my space she knew how limited the law was. >> i was hurt. i felt like i failed to protect my child.
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>> the page was open in her daughter's name with explicit pictures and language. she could have filed a civil lawsuit, instead she went to police. >> there was nothing legally -- there was nothing we could do. >> reporter: despite lobbying lawmakers, a bill in annapolis died. >> because it's to be used for the wrong purposes and torment somebody. >> reporter: teenagers have committed suicide, the target of ridicule. >> luckily our family was secure and it didn't affect my daughter that badly, but there are people that it has. >> reporter: and whether it's on twitter, facebook or my space, teens and between tweense using a mobile device. >> before you text give it a ponder. >> reporter: risky behaviour that lbj is targeting with give it a ponder.
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>> he wants to send a nasty text rumor about it to his buddies. >> my advice to young people is to think twice before putting something out there, because once it's out there, you can't pull it back. >> reporter: if you think you can't get in trouble because you retwitted something, think again, you can be held just as liable as the person who wrote it. joy will h lapola fox 45 mornin. coming up getting ready for more snow how baltimore county is
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honda expresses big concerns for the future of car sales as embattled toyota brushes off the dirt and moves forward. here is robert gray. stocks down as new worries about the economy recovery pop up. the dow losing 103 points closing below 10,000 for the first time in three months. toyota resuming u.s. production of 8 recalled models. toyota stopped the assembly line after problems for with the gas pedals resurfacing. toyota's problem could hurt the whole industry if customers
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lose faith in vehicles. the toy maker reporting a 77% jump in quarterly profit, sales of more $1 billion in both numbers beating estimates. haboro expecting profits to rise this year. people turning the page on magazines, newsstand and retail magazines sales falling by 9% in the second half of last year. that is business, i'm robert gray. coming up bad news for ravens fans. find out how ed reed neck injury has take not a turn for the worst. finally we see pavement and now more snow on the way. i'm megan
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